Welcome to Volunteer Base!

Volunteer Base is a volunteer management software released under a CDDL License. You're free to use it. Enjoy :)

The project provides a database tool to keep track of the activity for Non Profit Organizations, especially for education programs.

This software provides the following functions:

  1. Persons and volunteers
  2. Applications of volunteers
  3. Fund raising and volunteer contribution
  4. Programs
  5. Events
  6. Communications
  7. Partnership
  8. Documents
  9. E-mail and Mail merge
  10. Advanced search
  11. Security
  12. Analysis and reporting

How to use it?

This project is designed to be used within a Intranet by many users with a simple Web browser.

Easy to install

The technology used require only a Java Web Server (the widely used Apache  Tomcat) and any database with a JDBC connector. The demo pack provide  all the components.  Consult the wiki for more details.

The use of a web interface avoids the installation on client station.

Easy to use

The interfaces are simple and intuitive.


The Wiki contains the documentation.  The current documentation includes a user guide and a developper guide. To access to the Wiki pages, click on the 'wiki' tab at the beginning of this page.

Want to participate or need help?

If you are interested as an end user and you need help, don't hesitate to submit your request in the forum.

The project has not evolved for months and is waiting for  submission of any new ideas: one weakness is the current design oriented to student program partnership. This is quite specific and certainly not adapted to all the users. 
We are seeking some user help: user feedback to add new features or correct bug, documentation writer to complete the wiki, Web Designer to improve the design... everyone is welcome! Help us to improve the product.  To access to the SourceForge pages where the project is hosted, click on the 'about' tab at the beginning of this page.


Design downloaded from Zeroweb.org: Free website templates, layouts, and tools.